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My Heritage - Release Concert

This CD is a presentation of Zwai’s musical heritage, rooted in the musical heritage of South Africa. The idea is to convey the genuine spirit of South African music through the use of various artists and musical expressions.
Much music has been exported from Africa through the years, and has been translated and shaped within many musical traditions all over the world. This CD wishes to put focus on how these musical footprints have their origin in Africa, and more specifically those, which have their origin in South Africa.
Particular for South African music is how original rhythms and songs have been carried through the country’s musical history, and are still greatly visible in today’s music. A central part of this recording’s purpose is to sustain this originality and convey it to a broad audience.

Central to this recording is the use of the marimba. This instrument goes straight to the heart of African and South African musical traditions.
In the Bantu languages, Marimba means “wood that sings”. The name Marimba is said to derive from a Zulu myth in which a Goddess made an instrument by hanging gourds underneath wooden bars, the goddess’s name was “Marimba”. It is the intention of this project to promote the marimba and the originality it conveys.
On this recording Zwai plays three different types of South African marimbas. He also plays different kinds of percussion with origins in both Africa and South America.

Conveying South African music in a way that gives an insight into its roots is an awesome task. The project has been fortunate to enjoy the talents of artist who each contributes in a very genuine way to the essence of the project. See CD for further info on participating artists.