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Cham alongside Pinchers and Spice

Madhouse/Atlantic recording artist Cham .

DameonBeckettwas born and raised in Kingston, Jamaicagrowing up in the Marverly and Waterhouse communities. His interest in music was fostered by his uncle who owned sound equipment in a studio where accomplished dancehall DJs like Super Cat recorded songs.

Latest album , "GHETTO STORY" Produced by Dave Kelly, "GHETTO STORY" is the follow-up to Cham's debut album, "WOW... THE STORY," released on Madhouse Records in 2000. Cham's 2003 released buzz track, "Vitamin S," was the reggae star's first Billboard-charting single.

The title track from "GHETTO STORY," featuring Alicia Keys and Akon jumped into Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Rap charts. Cham, one of the world's greatest and most successful dancehall DJs, has been hailed a true superstar, a cutting-edge talent known around the world for his imaginative wordplay, creative sounds, and up-to-the-minute news reports of modern ghetto life.