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Oslo oriental Dance Festival

Magedansshow med Nesma, Ranya Renèe, Suraiya, Majken Wærdahl, Lee Figenschow, Alya og Dancer of the Year 2009 Christina Stjernholm.

Oslo Oriental Dance Festival presenterer flere internasjonale og norske magedansstjerner!

Dansere fra Norge, Spania, USA, Egypt og Polen står for et forrykende show med heftige rytmer og fantastisk dans.

NESMA, Spain

A Spaniard, Nesma resided in Cairo between the years 1993 and 1998, where she studied Oriental dance and Egyptian folklore. During this time she performed as a soloist with her own orchestra in over 3,500 shows performed in the most prestigious halls of Cairo. She broadened her artistic career in the National Egyptian Folkloric Reda Ballet, as the only non-Egyptian dancer to form part of the company.Since then she has danced taught courses around the world. In Spain she founded her own school and a dance company: Al-Andalus Danza. In 2008 Nesma present the worldwide premiere of Dreams of Al-Andalus in the Cairo Opera House, a work inspired by Andalusian dance, music and poetry.


RANYA RENÉE, one of New York City’s leading Egyptian-style dancers, began her career as a young actress and theater director, and has been dancing for nearly 20 years. A protégée of Yousry Sharif, Ranya also studies with Egyptian masters Mahmoud Reda, Aida Nour, Raqia Hassan, Mona el Said, and others. As a teacher, Ranya specializes in Oriental and beledi dance, Arabic music for dancers, holistic breathwork/energy work, and performance skills. She tours internationally, produces live events in New York, and conducts original research in the Middle East. A graduate of Yale University in theater and linguistics, Ranya speaks seven languages, including Arabic. Ranya has three new instructional DVDs available as well as her own performance DVDs. Visit for more about her work.

Majken Wærdahl, Norway

Majken Wærdahl started dancing Middle Eastern dance in 1996 and has since she started studied with various teachers in Norway and abroad. After her first meeting with two renowned Egyptian teachers, Raqia Hassan and Aida Noor, she realized the importance of learning directly from the source and continued traveling to Cairo on a regular basis.
Majken is the first and only Norwegian dancer with a professional career from Cairo. During 2000-2001 she performed at several of Cairos most prestigious hotels and boat restaurants, such as Ramses Hilton, Mövenpick, Nile Maxime and Pharaon. Based on her experience of 300-400 shows in Cairo and as an active artist in Norway, Majken has developed a distinctive style. In 2004 she initiated the group Divas of Bellydance, the first and only Norwegian group consisting of professional bellydancers exclusively. Majken performed at Oslo Oriental Dance Festival 2006 and 2007, and was one of the judges at the Dancer of the Year contest in 2008. She is also teaching during the festival, check out the workshop schedule!

Lee Figenschow, Norway

Lee is a highly respected teacher, choreographer and dancer in Norway, known for her dynamic presence on stage. She is of Bulgarian-Norwegian descent and especially known for her Eastern-european gypsie-dance. She has performed at several prestigious venues in Norway and abroad, and has toured with bands such as Farmers Market and performed with the Bulgarian clarinet virtuoso Ivo Papasov.
She is one of the dancers in Divas of Bellydance, and one of the top dancers and teachers in Norway.
Lee is teaching a class in flow and veil technique during the festival.

Alya, Egypt/Norway

Egyptian dancer Alya from Alexandria, now residing in Trondheim, Norway, gives us a taste of Cairo in her style of dance. This energetic dancer with the big smile has a style greatly influenced by modern Egyptian dancers, such as Dina and Randa Kamel. She started her professional dance career at the age of 16 at the theater in Alexandria, with main focus on the Egyptian folklore. She's been traveling to Cairo to learn more, and is now an active artist and teacher in Trondheim. This is the first time Alya visits Oslo Oriental Dance Festival! She is also giving a workshop, so check out the workshop schedule!

Suraiya, Poland

Award winning international performer based in Poland. In 2009 she was the winner of the Isis Award Competition - professional category at the International Bellydance Congress in London, UK, and also recieved the highest prize in the international Competiton in Los Angeles, USA, organized by bellydancer Jillina.
In 2008 she was awarded first prize in the International Raks Sharqi Competition for Professional Dancers in Prague.
She is a certified choreographer and international workshop teacher. Suraiya also owns the Arabic Dance Academy in Poland and the Artistic Agency "Suraiya". As a festival organizor she is the Artistic director and founder of "Egyptian Fever Festival" and "Sahara Dancers" Group. Besides bellydance she is acertified fitness and Pilates instructor and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy.

Christina Stjernholm, Norway

The winner of Dancer of the Year 2009 pases on the throphy and the title at the Friday Night Gala Show, and ends her year as 'Dancer of the Year 2009' with a performance for the Saturday Night audience!
Christina is one of the up-and-coming dancers in Oslo, and you can see her perform at various restaurants in the Oslo area. After winning the title of 'Dancer of the Year' in 2009 she has also started teaching at Studio Orient. Christina has studied Middleastern Dance for many years, with several of the leading instructors and dancers both in Norway and Cairo. She is active in the dance community and is a board member at Al Farah Oriental Dance Association, this year as the event planner.