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Meet the king of Kora - Jaliba Kuyateh

Jaliba Kuyateh has a rich musical background. His father also played the kora and taught Jaliba to play at a young age.

While his education took priority over his music for a number of years, Jaliba returned to playing the kora in college and soon became a full-time musician.

Jaliba first formed a band called Jaliba and Group. The band gained local fame but, in the end, broke apart. Along with two members from his original group, Jaliba formed The Kumareh Band. The new band has had great success in their native Gambia and around the world. The band has toured internationally for over a decade and has released a dozen albums.

Jaliba and the Kumareh Band produce music with the intent to unite and uplift different cultures and people.

Jaliba is an international sensation, sharing his passion for music and love of his people with the world. Along with his musical troupe, the Kumareh band, Jaliba is taking the world by storm, joining traditional West African music with modern performances.

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