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Igor Rasteryaev

Russisk folk

A singer-songwriter who rose to fame on the Internet reinvents Russian folk motives with his songs.

“I just do what I can. I write about what I see,” said Igor. His songs and his image are patriotic to the core, but Igor says that he has never thought about what patriotism actually is until this summer. “This summer I passed by places in the Volgograd region where my ancestors used to live,” he said, thoughtfully. “They are now deserted and devastated. You might even think an enemy shelled them. Everything is broken down. I was crying as I rode by them on my motorbike. Maybe that is what patriotism is?”

Rasteryaev’s song about World War II, “The Russian Road,” has topped Russia’s music charts for several weeks now. But Igor is reluctant to sign contracts with record labels. He values freedom more than money or popularity. When the chairman of the Federal Agency on Youth Affairs approached him with an offer to make a professional video for his hit song “Combiners,” Igor agreed, but later regretted it: “The musical adaptation was so cheesy, so trivial. It was not me at all.” He says of his work: “I can only be creative and in general live when I am not bound by anything. An easily predictable future is what scares me most. I need to constantly feel like I’m breaking inside, I need to feel chaos inside me. I need the ice floe where I am standing fishing to have a small, vital crack.”

Igor Rasteryaev kommer fra St.Petersburg i Russland. Han er spesielt kjent for sine trekkspill-akkompanerte sanger som er sterk inspirert av folkemotiver og historiske temaer. Pr. januar 2014 er hans Youtube videoer sett over 25 millioner ganger, noe som gjør ham en av de mest populære selv-lagde artister i dagens Russland.

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