Aldersgrense: 18
Dørene åpner:19:00
Billetter: 250/200 + avg

Traces Gospel Choir - 10 års Jubileumkonsert

Gospel, kor

Traces Gospel Choir is a small women’s group with roots in many continents. Traces is a diverse ensemble, with members of different musical backgrounds who sing gospel and positive secular music in Norway and the rest of the world.
In addition to their concerts and album, Traces have contributed to many other artists projects and concerts, including Karpe Diem, Rune Andersen Espen Beranek Holm, Odd Børretzen, Wenche Myhre, Trine Rein & Ost & Kjex and Magnolia Jazz Band. We have also done events and shows such as Kvelden før Kvelden, Nasjonal Minneseremoni, Idrettsgala and TV-aksjonen.